Oops: TiVo Premiere won't have Comcast On Demand

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|03.03.10

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Oops: TiVo Premiere won't have Comcast On Demand
This TiVo Premiere screenshot with a large Comcast On Demand logo on it certainly set a few hearts aflutter yesterday when it was released from the company, but our dreams have turned into bitter, bitter ashes: TiVo tells us this screenshot is actually just a mockup and not indicative of any actual partnership. And double-oops: that other interesting screenshot with "Friends Recommend" on the Browse screen is also a mockup, meaning our hopes for some social-media integration have also been dashed, at least for now. Oh well. Let's hope our forthcoming Premiere review units can somehow turn these frowns upside-down.

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