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Operation Echo Isles: Transcripts and details

Gregg Reece
March 3, 2010

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WARNING: This post is chock full of spoilers. Spoilers like you would not believe. If you'd like to be surprised about anything involving the Echo Isles and what is contained within, I wouldn't recommend continuing onward. If, however, you are clamoring for more information, read on!

There is a lot of great information about upcoming world events in the current patch 3.3.3 PTR. We've already posted about some of the story inside the Ruby Sanctum as well as what is being referred to as "Operation Gnomeregan". However, the trolls have their own operation underway in trying to take back the Echo Isles from the evil hex master Zalazane. There are lots and lots of spoilers about the quest line and the story behind it. Please note that this is just an assembly of transcripts from all of the sound files put in what appears to be a proper order.

Dere be some dark voodoo inside. Do ye have what it takes?


Vol'jin: Sons and daughters of da Darkspear. Friends of da tribe. We be gatherin' here on the shores of Sen'jin Village to be takin' back what is ours. Come now, join the liberation of the Echo Isles. Zalazane will fall.

Vol'jin: We be gettin' ready to march on the isles and free them of Zalazane's wicked rule. Join me.

Vol'jin: Zalazane's time has come. Da Darkspear will have a proper home again. Be ready.

Vol'jin: You came, wise sista. Da Darkspear be grateful.

Zentabra: Of course, son of Sen'jin. Zentabra always keep her word.

Vol'jin: Dey time has come. Warriors of the Darkspear make ready. The Loa walk with us. Are ya ready, Vanira. Zentabra.

Vanira: The elements... yes... dey be walkin' with us, too!

Zentabra: As do da beasts of dese isles.

Searching out Bwonsamdi:
Vol'jin: Den we go... first to Bwonsamdi. If we gonna win dis, we need his mojo on our side.
Bwonsamdi: Who be stirrin' up me bones! Dems Bwonsamdi's charges and not to be touched!

Vol'jin: I be Vol'jin, son of Sen'jin, here to ask your aid, Great Bwonsamdi.

Bwonsamdi: Hmph. I know who ya are, Shadowhunter, and I know what ya want. But what makes ya think I'm gonna help you. Ain't a wise ding callin' me from da utta side.

Vol'jin: I ain't askin' for me alone, Great Spirit. But on behalf of da Darkspear Tribe. On behalf of me people.

Bwonsamdi: Darkspear... It been long time since I heard the drums... since I drank da ritual offerings... I be watchin' over yer dead, Vol'jin, and for nothing. Why have the Darkspear forsaken Bwonsamdi.

Vol'jin: We were driven away, Great Spirit. Hex master Zalazane took the isles from us, drove us mad, made us fight one another. Da only trolls left in da Echo isles are his mindless voodoo slaves.

Bwonsamdi: Zalazane...

Vol'jin: Aid us, Bwonsamdi. Help us regain our home. Return da Darkspear to da Echo Isles and hear your drums again. Drink your ritual offerings once more. Dis I, as son of Sen'jin, do swear.

Bwonsamdi: Mmm... Time ta see how bad you want dis, Shadowhunter. Time ta see if you be worthy.

Bwonsamdi: Ya tink ya have what it takes ta face me? Give up, Shadowhunter.

Vol'jin: Not me, Great Spirit. Ma tribe.

Vol'jin: Dey be waitin' for us all. We fight now for our old home. We gonna claim what be ours.

Bwonsamdi: Enough! *chuckles ominously* Ya got some big mojo, Vol'jin. Maybe ye be worth helpin' after all.

Bwonsamdi: Mmm... go ta da old village across da water. Take it back. I help ya den.

Bwonsamdi: Spirits of da Darkspear! Arise! Take up da ancient mask! Take up de bloody spears! You'll be followin' Vol'jin now!

Bwonsamdi: Now go, use me boon wisely.

Takin' da island:

Vol'jin: Don't be underestimatin' Zalazane. He be a tricky foe. Cunning and strong in da voodoo. Are ya ready? Move on.

Vol'jin: It be time. Hex master! Da sons and daughters of da Darkspear have returned. We gonna drive you to da sea.

Zalazane: You ain't be doin' nothin' of da sort, Shadowhunter! Da Echo Isles are mine!

Zalazane: Witness da powa of me voodoo! You ain't leavin' dis island alive!

Vol'jin: We can't be lettin' him get away.

Zentabra: Dere ain't no escapin' Zentabra. Not while he's on dese islands.

Vol'jin: Den find him, Wise one. Go.

Zentabra: He be just west o' here workin' at some black magic.

Vol'jin: Not for long. Time to finish dis ting.

Zalazane: *ominous cackle*

Vol'jin: Give up, Zalazane. It be over now.

Zalazane: You fool! I ain't runnin' away! I lured you here to kill you with your own precious tribe.

Zalazane: No matter. I can't be touched. No living ting can make its way through this barrier. Da Echo Isles be Zalazane's to rule, Shadowhunter, for now and forever!

Bwonsamdi: *ominous cackles better than Zalazane*

Zalazane: Who? Who that be?

Bwonsambi: Zalazane! What ya tinkin' takin' dat which be mine. Da Darkspear dead are my domain, Sorcerer, and now you're gonna be one o' dem.

Zalazane: N... no... no... NO!

Vol'jin: A fittin' end for so foul a troll. Bwonsamdi, you have my tanks and dat of all da Darkspear. We will continue to honor as is propa.

Bwonsamdi: It will be good to hear da Darkspear drums once more. You take care now, son of Sen'jin. Bwonsamdi will be waitin' for ya on da otta side.

Vol'jin: Time ta return to da village. Time to rebuild our home. Da Darkspear's home. Will ya be stayin' wit us, wise Zentabra.

Zentabra: My fate be entwined wit yours now, Vol'jin, for good or for ill. I be stayin'.

We think that you'll be running into Zul'Farrak for your meeting with Bwonsamdi. As for our other new lore figures, we're not sure where they'll be popping up. There isn't as much additional information in the files about this event as there is about the Gnomeregan event. This is probably just due to which order they decided to work on them in. However, we'll keep you updated on any new information that crops up.

Also, if you'd like to hear the sound files for these, here is a compilation by YouTube user Oxymoronable.

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