Joe Danger stirs up trouble on PSN, doesn't rule out other platforms

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IGF-nominated indie start-up Hello Games just dished out a press release stating its upcoming title, Joe Danger, is headed to PSN. Of course, we thought it would, but it's just nice to finally have that official confirmation, you know? You really can't put a price on piece of mind. You also can't put a price on this game -- at least, for right now.

Joe Danger will be available for download this spring, initially exclusive to PSN as part of Pub Fund. But, that "doesn't mean we won't ever come to any other platforms," a Hello Games spokesperson told Joystiq. The rep also added that "coming to console is really hard sometimes and until recently it looked like Joe Danger might never get a console release. Since we announced, and especially since the IGF, a whole bunch of people have helped us and Sony was definitely one of them."