Sunday Morning Funnies: Me want

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|03.07.10

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Me want
Last week's trivia challenge produced several great answers, although no one guessed what I had been thinking about; My Pet Monster! Still, that was only worth bonus points. Thanks to shadowQQ for guessing Bull from Where the Wild Things Are, and Correlation and Undra for guessing Sully from Monsters, Inc.

The other bonus trivia question was of the "one of these things is not like the other" type, and Noekh was the winner; all of the items were something that Canada is known for. Cartmensfoe also gets points for noticing that everything included in the list was edible. Apologies for forgetting to exclude the elephant shrews wearing berets with the ascots and toast. That probably confused a few people.

As for your virtual and imaginary prizes, you have all earned robots that know how to do laundry (although they are known for their laziness), bottles of detangling spray that are rumored to bring good luck when used, magical and unpredictable pink highlighters, and a lifetime supply of butterscotch-flavored gum that will help you see the future.

Before you head off to read this week's selection, I'll outline this week's challenge. It isn't trivia this time, but rather, an exercise in critical thinking. I want you to identify something in one of the comics that other people might not have identified. This could be something controversial, an obscure reference or homage, an artistic detail, and anything else you might want to talk about.
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