Neo SNES / SFC Myth Flash cart brings emulation magic to your aged console

Oh, sure -- the Wii's Virtual Console may put you in direct contact with some of the best titles from yesteryear, but for the purists in attendance, it just feels like cheating. If you've been hanging onto that Super Nintendo (or Super Famicom, as it were) and you've recently been dealing with the emulation itch, Neoflash just might have the remedy. The Neo SNES / SFC Myth cart is pretty much the most magical cart you could ever slap into your classic console, offering up ROM support for "99.5 percent" of SNES games. Better still, titles can be offloaded from your PC and onto the cart via USB, making the entire transfer process a cinch. Of course, the $169 price tag will likely offend all but the most dedicated of retro gamers, but hey, at least you'll be staying true to those "roots" you value so highly.