Olympus Pen E-PL1 spins up a review cycle

Olympus' E-PL1 is a camera on a mission -- it not only shrinks the entry-level price tag for Micro Four Thirds cameras to $600, it retains the same 12.3 megapixel sensor, image processor, autofocus and metering systems of its elder, the E-P1, while introducing its own advantages that even the pricier E-P2 doesn't offer (hello, integrated flash!). With a 720p movie mode, a 14-42mm kit lens, and access to the growing catalog of Micro Four Thirds glass, it really looks like a guaranteed win for the company, but it's always good to run it through a few tests to make sure. While it sports a body rather richer in plastic than its senior siblings, we're told the E-PL1 still feels robust in the hand, and its control scheme is commended for being accessible to novices and including a dedicated video recording button. Image quality is ranked, as was to be expected, right on par with the costlier models with only the more professionally inclined ISO 3200 and 1/2000th shutter speed proving limiting. Get reading for fuller impressions as well as some sample video shot with the E-PL1.

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