Samsung puts price tags on its next receivers, soundbars and Blu-ray HTIB systems

There's more than just HDTVs on the way from Samsung this year, it's also picked today to reveal the price and ship dates for its Samsung Apps-equipped Blu-ray HTIB systems (HT-C7530W pictured above and all due in March or April) and HDMI 1.4-equipped 3D passthrough compatible receivers. Even though the cool kids are already on to HDMI 1.4a, that should be good enough to pass through 3D video and handle audio all in one cable so if you're planning a whole home theater revamp before Avatar comes home in 3D (whenever that is) you'll probably want to grab one with the feature. Other than the 7.1 channel HW-C770BS for $549 shipping this month, there's also a $499 HW-C900 model with multi-zone and video upscaling features for $499, though when it will arrive is still TBD.