Ubuntu hits HTC's Touch Pro2, is any Windows Mobile handset safe? (video)

Ubuntu hits HTC's Touch Pro 2, is any Windows Mobile handset safe?

If there's one thing we're pretty sure Windows Phone 7 Series will be worse at than its Windows Mobile precursor it's in the running of various and sundry other operating systems. We've seen Android running on seemingly every WinMo handset ever created and more recently Ubuntu has been receiving the mobile treatment. Last month it was on an Xperia X1, now an HTC Touch Pro2 is getting a taste. A modder who goes by the handle sebbo90 is the one responsible for this, running basically the same technique as used earlier on the X1. It looks quite easy: just download a 200MB zip, extract it to your phone, then run an exe within. A few moments later you'll be in open source heaven, and, from what we can tell looking at the video below, it works remarkably well. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to hit up eBay to find a used handset and get hacking.