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Live from Sony's 'PlayStation Move' motion controller event

Live from Sony's 'PlayStation Move' motion controller event
Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|March 10, 2010 7:05 PM
We just got underway at Sony's PlayStation Move motion controller event. Sure, they haven't called it "Move," just yet, but we just saw the "Move" moniker on a demo screen at the side of the stage, so we're feeling pretty confident at this point.

7:41PM "Virtually every 3rd party is onboard." You can build "dual-SKU" games that have both a regular game and its Move-controlled incarnation on a single Blu-ray.

7:39PM Also announcing the Move "subcontroller." A nunchuck-style analog stick controller. They just demo'd it with Socom 4. And we're getting hands-on time today!

7:38PM Motion Fighter, a boxing game, uses another one of those dual-move setups.

7:34PM It'll be out Holiday 2010.

7:33PM Eye Pet's turn, another currently available game. It seems ripe for Move, those cards were never nearly accurate enough.

7:31PM Little Big Planet is on now, showing you developers can add PlayStation Move to existing games. The demo level shows elements that are controlled by the Move controller, while Sackboy is still controlled by the DualShock, creating a collaborative experience.

7:27PM Table tennis was exactly what you might expect it to be. Now we've moved onto "Move Party!" (another working title), which integrates augmented reality with little motion-controlled minigames like swatting bees or "drawing" on the screen.

7:25PM Showing off "Sports Champions" (a working title). Gladiator duel game uses dual controllers, seems very 1:1 in responsiveness and control, though there are certainly some predefined actions like a mega jump or a behind the back taunt.

7:21PM Latency is as robust as DualShock 3, under one frame. "No limitations," people.

7:21PM Alright, time for a walkthrough of titles!

7:19PM They're showing a video now, many of the demos involve using dual Move controllers. Sounds like this could get pricey!

7:17PM You can get a bundle with the PlayStation Move, PlayStation Eye and a game for under $100, more pricing details will be released later on.

7:17PM Will be available as standalone controllers for people who already on PlaySation Eye, a starter kit for those who don't, or as a whole PS3 bundle. Approaching this as a "virtual platform launch."

7:16PM Really talking up the "high level of precision" and emphasis on core gamers.

7:15PM Alright, on to PlayStation Move.

7:12PM Gran Turismo 5 will ship this year! (giggles in the room)

7:12PM Sony's talking up 2009 and 2010 games, little titles like "God of War III." Anyone hear of it?

7:09PM And it's official! PlaySation Move is confirmed.
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