WoW Rookie: What's "move out of the fire" in your language?

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If you use the Dungeon Finder with any regularity, you're likely to eventually find yourself grouped with a player who speaks a different language. World of Warcraft is localized (translated) to nearly a dozen different languages, including two versions of English (USA and EU), French, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean and two versions of Chinese. While U.S. and Oceanic players can generally count on groupmates to speak English, things can be quite different elsewhere in the world. Individual Latin American and EU realms tend to attract groups of players from particular areas -- Brazilians on one server, Hungarians gathered on another, Italians dominating still another.

Many players welcome the language barrier as an opportunity to polish their language skills. Still, how do you coordinate your way through a tricky pull with someone who doesn't speak a word of your language?

Let's crowdsource this issue. We've compiled a list of common terms you might use in a PUG. We'd like you to list your translations in the comments, if you are fluent in another language. We're not going to cover Russian, Korean or Chinese, since those players generally do not cross paths with Western players. Please keep your suggestions brief; simplicity trumps elegance. If you'd like to see phrases we didn't include, feel free to suggest them, but keep in mind we're sticking with the basics. We'll compile the list and create a starter guide in next week's Rookie column.

In search of translations

  • Hello

  • Goodbye

  • Please

  • Thank you

  • Yes

  • No

  • I don't know.

  • I'll tank.

  • I'll heal.

  • Can you share quests?

  • Buffs

  • Fortitude

  • Divine Spirit

  • Mark of the Wild

  • Arcane Intellect

  • Blessing of Kings

  • Blessing of Might

  • Please turn off Aspect.

  • Ready?

  • Ready!

  • AFK

  • BRB

  • Wait, please.

  • Follow me.

  • Go.

  • Stop.

  • Which way?

  • Right

  • Left

  • Straight

  • North

  • South

  • East

  • West

  • Up

  • Down

  • Let the tank pull.

  • Don't pull aggro.

  • Move!

  • Wait here.

  • Need heals.

  • Need

  • Greed

  • Need on items you want for any reason.

  • I need this quest.

  • I need to kill [X].

  • I need to gather [X].

  • Let's run back from the graveyard together so we don't get lost.

  • Would you like to run another?

Thanks in advance for all your translations! If you'd like to volunteer as an expert resource to review our final translations, drop us a line (including which language you're volunteering to fact-check and why you're qualified [native speaker, etc.]) to lisa (at) wow (dot) com.

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