More APB beta invites going out

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More APB beta invites going out
Did you miss out on the APB beta last year? Tipsters have begun alerting us that a new wave of invites is going out. If you still want an early look at Realtime Worlds' massively multithug online game, you should probably head over to the site and apply now. At least with the knowledge that more invites are going out, there seems to be more chance that you'd be able to get one now, right?

While you're on pins and needles about your potential beta invite, why not read this Eurogamer interview with RTW CEO David Jones? In it, he says that APB is a release during the first half of this year is "achievable" (though EA says pretty much exactly the opposite). He also describes the game's pay model as "a very unique business model because it's a unique game." He did not say what that model was.

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