Plastic Logic QUE proReader delayed: time to reevaluate that pre-order?

Did you by any chance get in on the early QUE proReader pre-order? Well, we've got news for you that might be good or bad depending upon your perspective. A pre-orderer just forwarded us an email received from Richard Archuleta, CEO of Plastic Logic, detailing a shipment delay from mid-April to sometime in the summer, a date echoed by the QUE product site at Barnes & Noble. According to the email, the delay is due to a desire to "fine-tune the features and enhance the overall product experience." Now the good news: credit cards have not been charged leaving disgruntled hopefuls either $649 (for the 4GB WiFi model) or $799 (for the 8GB WiFi + 3G model) to spend on something else. There are certainly moree-readerchoices available now than when the QUE proReader went up for pre-order on January 7th -- though not with the same sophisticated business-use approach or big 10.5-inch display... for that, you'll have to wait for Skiff to ship. Or maybe you'd prefer a fullcolorLCDtablet instead? Regardless, you do have choices. Full email after the break.

[Thanks, Anonymous Tipster]