CableLabs officially defines tru2way set-back box

Panasonic tru2way set-back box

The technology arm of the cable industry has come forward with an official specification for the tru2way set-back box. We first heard of these when Panasonic was requesting a waiver from the FCC to exclude an analog tuner, but we did find one of the floor of CES -- although it wasn't a functional demo. Basically this makes the box one step closer to reality, and if the cable industry has its way, tru2way with it. The idea of an inexpensive HDTV companion might be the perfect low cost, easy to support, solution that consumer electronic manufactures are looking for. And although we're not fans of tru2way in general, we do think it is an acceptable solution for those who don't want a DVR but do want an HDTV mounted on the wall without a set-top box to be found.