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ExoPC delayed till summer, getting specification upgrades to dull the pain

ExoPC delayed till summer, getting specification upgrades to dull the pain
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|March 17, 2010 4:35 AM
Now that the tablet PC revolution is upon us (for the second time in as many decades, if you'll recall), there's bound to be a few that really stick out, and a few that get left in the dust. ExoPC is doing its darnedest to be grouped in the former, and it's choosing to hold off on rushing things out in hopes of delivering a superior product to the world this summer. If you'll recall, we heard that the 8.9-inch slate would originally be out and about this month, but the company's own Jean-Baptiste Martinoli has informed us directly why the ship date is being pushed back a few months. For starters, production has been shifted from China into Canada thanks to a freshly signed deal with CiaraTech. And if you're wondering what you'll get in return for waiting just a few more months to get your hands on one, we've excellent news. Here's the good word straight from the outfit:
"With [CiaraTech's] help we are improving the specs: better processor, graphics, better battery life, thinner, better screen and touch panel. We should hit FCC soon. As we have more time we are adding more features in the ExoPC UI Layer (ex. an app / media store)."
We aren't exactly big on waiting, but we'll let that other tablet keep us company until this one finally gets its shipping papers. Summer ain't too far out, now is it?
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