Google TV: Android-based web platform for the living room, with help from Intel, Sony, and Logitech

There's not a lot to see here -- in fact, there's nothing at all to see at this point -- but The New York Times has it on good authority that Google, Intel, and Sony have teamed up to develop an Android-powered internet platform using Atom processors for televisions and set-top boxes. Dubbed Google TV, the apparent mantra seems to be making web app navigation (Twitter, Picasa, etc.) as easy as changing the channel. Joining the fun will be the peripheral casanovas at Logitech for, you guessed it, peripherals. It certainly isn't novel territory, from as far back as WebTV to as recent as Yahoo! widgets -- and from Google itself, be it Motoblur boxes or Dish Network trials -- but the proof will be in the pudding, and for now, mum's the word on any more concrete details. As they say, stay tuned.