Google and Dish Network testing TV search on Android-based set-top boxes

We've definitely heard of a few different Android-based satellite and cable boxes in the past year, but it looks like Google's exploring a real move into living room: the Wall Street Journal reports that El Goog and Dish Network are testing a TV search service on a new box that runs on "elements" of Android. (We're taking that to mean it's a stripped-down version of the OS tailored for a set-top, not some totally crazy remix.) The box features a QWERTY remote, and users can search both Dish content and other services like YouTube, which sounds like the same riff TiVo's trying to pull off with the Premiere. Unfortunately, none of this seems destined to hit consumers anytime soon -- the WSJ also says the trial "is limited to a very small number of Google employees and their families and could be discontinued at any time." Okay, but can we at least get some hands-on pictures first?

[Thanks, Jordan]