Splinter Cell: Conviction event at several GameStops on April 1

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Splinter Cell: Conviction is having a little premiere on April 1 at ten GameStops across the US -- no, this is not an April Fool's joke; we made sure. Before the game hits stores (and the head ... and heads) on April 13, a premiere event will take place in Los Angeles on the high holy joking day. GameStop will concurrently host "first-to-play co-op demo events" at select stores.

The LA event will take place at the Les Deux Nightclub in Hollywood. First-to-play sessions will occur between 2-6PM, prior to the "celebrity red carpet premiere" at 8PM. The event will feature the "Search for Sam Fisher" live interactive game, in which 15 attendees (21+) who attend the co-op event earlier in the day will be invited to participate. Grand prize is an "Xbox 360 Splinter Cell Conviction Special Edition Bundle and a library of Ubisoft Xbox 360 games."

The non-LA co-op demo events will be held from 9PM until midnight in Boston, Orlando, New York City (two locations), Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, San Jose, Dallas and New Jersey. Specific locations will be listed on GameStop's website or at SplinterCell.com. The first 100 attendees at each location receive a "free Splinter Cell Conviction beanie." Honestly, we have no idea what to say to that.
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