Toshiba brings new LCDs this month with WiFi and LED, but no Cell

They may not be quite as thrilling as the Cell TV ZX900 series Toshiba was focused on during its CES press conference, but if you can put off all that LED-backlit, Wireless HD 3D conversion madness there's a slew of other new HDTVs due this month. The 120Hz UX600 takes top billing with its edge-lit LEDs and sub 2-inch depth, plus the added bonus of an included WiFi adapter for access to all the NET TV features with VUDU and DLNA support, allowing access to Twitter, Pandora and more. The 40-, 46- and 55-inch editions retail at $1,399, $1,699 and $2,499, respectively. The 120Hz G300 series is available in the same sizes but without the LEDs, WiFi, Net TV and slim "Air Lagoon" styling the price maxes out at $1,599 for the largest screen. Moving down the line the E200 models focus on energy efficiency while the C100 and CV100 bring small 720p screens with or without built-in DVD player. A quick check of Amazon and other retailers shows the smaller ones already leaking into availability with their larger brethren due, oh, any day now. Check for full MSRP lists and press releases after the break,, plus a peek at the 55300U, if you must.

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Toshiba Unveils its First Four LCD TV Series for 2010 with Enhancements at Every Level

The G300, E200, C100 and CV100 showcase sleek, new designs, enhanced connectivity, and excellent picture quality

WAYNE, N.J., March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Toshiba America Consumer Products L.L.C. ("Toshiba"), a market leader in LCD TV, today announced the availability of four new LCD TV Series for 2010. Complementing the brand's new and upcoming LED product lines, Toshiba continues to offer a wide range of new LCD televisions, including the G300, E200 and C100 LCD TV, and CV100 LCD / DVD Combo TV, each featuring the new Horizon™ design. Boasting a slimming tapered bezel and attractive front panel gradation, the new Horizon design creates a more modern, elegant appearance. Available in a variety of sizes, from 19 to 55 inches, these new LCD series provide an exciting array of home entertainment options for every lifestyle and room in the home.

Underscoring Toshiba's commitment to stellar picture quality, as well as elements that enhance consumer's overall television viewing experience, these new LCD televisions feature several key picture quality and convenience technologies. DynaLight™ monitors the brightness level of each video frame and automatically adjusts for deeper black levels, creating higher dynamic contrast for a more realistic picture. Photo Frame capability allows these sets to act as both a TV and a Digital Photo Frame. Consumers can now showcase their favorite memories as a clear, crisp slide show on the high-resolution television screen, all controlled with just the TV remote. Additionally, Gaming Mode takes the gaming experience to a new level by reducing game control delay, thus giving the player improved reaction time and a more realistic playing experience. This is great when used with popular gaming consoles, or with PC games using the TVs PC Input.

"We have enhanced our 2010 TV Line-up from top to bottom" said Scott Ramirez, VP, TV Marketing. "For 2010, both LED and LCD are important TV categories, and we have ensured that our new LCD models get enhancements that make them compelling values for our consumers. With features like DynaLight, Photo Frame capability, Gaming Mode, and the new Horizon design, these models will become must haves in their category."

G300 Series – Fast Action, Fast Connectivity

For sports enthusiasts and action movie fans alike, the G300 boasts ClearFrame™ 120Hz which doubles the video frames from 60 per second to 120 per second, designed to virtually eliminate motion blur without decreasing image brightness. Whether watching a football player angling toward the end zone, or eagerly following a high speed movie chase, the picture is crisp and clear regardless of image motion.

The G300 series is available in 40-inch, 46-inch, and newly offered 54.6-inch measured diagonally.

E200 Series – Great Picture, Great Looks

Enjoy a stunning picture bursting with color and clarity with 1080p Full HD, offered on the E200. With twice the pixel resolution of 720p HD models, Full HD is the pinnacle in picture quality. Using Full HD, there's no need to scale down a 1080 signal. This series also comes fully equipped with convenient connectivity benefits such as 4 HDMI Digital Inputs with InstaPort™ and REGZA-LINK, and a Hi-Res PC Input. To compliment these features, the E200 also adds a subtle luminance to the logo, furthering the stylish appeal of the television.

The E200 series is available in 31.5-inch, 37.6-inch, and 40-inch screen sizes measured diagonally.

C100 Series –Features at Your Fingertips

Toshiba's new C100 series is a feature packed 720p high-def TV providing high quality and value for the discerning consumer. The C100, available in four different screen sizes, and coupled with the attractive Horizon design, allows this television to complement virtually any room of the house including bedrooms, dens, and kitchens where the Photo Frame capability is especially useful.

The C100 Series is available in 18.5-inch, 21.6-inch, 26-inch, and 31.5-inch screen sizes measured diagonally.

CV100 Series – Eliminate the Wires

Toshiba's CV100 series combines the television picture quality and basic design of the C100 series, but also adds the convenience of a built-in DVD player. This all-in-one entertainment series is a great fit for any room of the house, even when there are space constraints.

The CV100 series is available in 18.5-inch, 21.6-inch, 26-inch screen, and 31.5-inch screen sizes measured diagonally.

Pricing and Availability:

The G300, E200, C100 and CV100 will be available to purchase starting in March 2010.

G300 120Hz LCD TV

40G300, Suggested Retail Price $899.99

46G300, Suggested Retail Price $1,099.99

55G300, Suggested Retail Price $1,599.99

E200 1080p LCD TV

32E200, Suggested Retail Price $549.99

37E200, Suggested Retail Price $649.99

40E200, Suggested Retail Price $699.99

C100 720p LCD TV

19C100, Suggested Retail Price $249.99

22C100, Suggested Retail Price $299.99

26C100, Suggested Retail Price $399.99

32C100, Suggested Retail Price $449.99

CV100 720p LCD / DVD Combo TV

19CV100, Suggested Retail Price $299.99

22CV100, Suggested Retail Price $349.99

26CV100, Suggested Retail Price $449.99

32CV100, Suggested Retail Price $519.99

Toshiba Introduces the New UX600 Series LED TV, Blending High Picture Quality with Internet Capability That is Fun and Easy

Slim and easy to use, the UX600 with included Wi-Fi® adapter delivers digital entertainment on demand

WAYNE, N.J., March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Toshiba America Consumer Products L.L.C. ("Toshiba"), a market leader in LCD TVs, today announced the availability of the new UX600 LED TV, offering breakthrough picture quality with advanced interactive features for non-stop entertainment.

Entertainment on-demand is taken to new levels with the UX600's NET TV™ capabilities. Net TV includes a wide variety of applications that broaden the definition of "TV Content" and enrich the overall user experience. VUDU™ Movies offers true 1080p HD, 5.1 surround sound and gives viewers access to over 3,000 HD movies on demand. NET TV also streams audio applications such as Pandora® and creates personalized "Channels" of the music users enjoy. Viewers can also keep in touch while watching TV through social networking applications like Facebook® and Twitter®. Additionally, video and photo services such as YouTube™, Flickr®, and Picasa™ Web Albums let users share content with friends and family wherever they live. News services including the New York Times®, AP, National Weather, and more, provide up to the minute information about the world around you. And, the customizable "Ticker" available at the bottom of the screen allows you to keep up to date with information from Twitter, News, Weather, or Stocks, automatically.

In order to provide consumers with simple and instant access to the Internet, the UX600 also comes equipped with its own Wi-Fi adapter. Unlike some other Internet capable televisions, the UX600 is ready to deliver the latest content right out-of-the-box. The included WPA Wi-Fi adapter eliminates the need to purchase additional accessories, and simplifies the set-up process.

"This is a high quality LED TV that is both simple and fun!" said Scott Ramirez, VP, TV Marketing. "We have packed amazingly deep LED picture quality, robust Internet capability, and a long list of key Toshiba features, into our new slim Air Lagoon™ design, and included a Wi-Fi Adapter to make it a total pleasure from day one. This is a package people will be excited to own."

Available in 40″, 46″ and 55″ sizes (measured respectively at 40.0″, 46.0″ and 54.6″ diagonally), the UX600 is packed with a number of cutting-edge picture quality features. The stunning 3M:1 dynamic contrast ratio LED produces a clearer, crisper image. To ensure consistent contrast levels, the UX600 benefits from Toshiba's CrystalCoat™ high contrast screen coating to keep contrast high in bright rooms, AutoView™ which analyzes ambient room light and the incoming video signal to automatically create the optimal picture in all lighting conditions and DynaLight™ automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the incoming video signal. All this is combined with the Pixel Pure® 5G engine, whose superior processing enhances the quality of high definition and standard definition images. Fast-paced action video also achieves the ultimate clarity with Toshiba's ClearFrame™ 120Hz technology which doubles the video frames from 60 per second to 120 per second to reduce any motion blur that may occur when watching sports or action movies. The superior picture quality is matched by superior sound quality as Dolby® Volume ensures a consistent volume level, even during commercials or when changing channels.

Going above and beyond an ordinary television, the UX600 also boasts many other features designed to enhance the consumer experience. Photo Frame capability lets consumers effortlessly view photos in an automatic slide show, allowing the TV to act as both a TV, and a digital photo frame. Gaming Mode is designed reduce game controller delay, giving the player improved reaction time and a more realistic playing experience. With the UX600, these, along with a list of other advanced features, transform television viewing.

The UX600 heralds a new luxurious appearance for Toshiba's LED range, featuring a slim, gorgeous Air Lagoon™ design less than 2″ in depth. As efficiency is also important, the UX600 also meets ENERGY STAR® 4.0 requirements.

Pricing and Availability:

The 40UX600, 46UX600 and 55UX600 will be available to purchase from March 2010 at a

Suggested Retail Price of $1,399.99, 1,699.99 and $2,499.99 respectively.

For full product details and more information on the UX600 as well as other television products, please visit or

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