PlayStation Move bonus round: Move Party hands-on and interview with Anton Mikhailov

Alright, so you've seen the PlayStation Move insanity from the Engadget Show, but we've got a little extra treat for you. After the show we were able to play through a game of Move Party with Sony's own Anton Mikhailov, who actually coded a lot of the tech demos we saw during the show (some of them the night before!). After getting thrashed by him in mini game competition we were able to have a quick chat with Anton where we expressed our undying love for what he does for a living, learned the difficulties (but potential gold mine) of hacking the controller for use with a PC, and found out what sort of games he'd like to see built with this technology he's had a hand in creating. It's not to be missed; check out both videos after the break.

Big thanks to the guys at
Gadling's Travel Talk for the video work!