Sierra Wireless pledges undying affection, support for Windows 7 Device Stage

Yes, we know you haven't exactly been champing at the bit to make use of Windows 7's Device Stage, but that might just be because you haven't had an opportunity, as manufacturers have to proactively register their hardware to let you make use of the streamlined device management service. Thankfully for mobile broadband users, Sierra Wireless has just volunteered. Starting today, all Sierra Wireless AirCards will automatically integrate with Windows 7 to allow you one-touch access to connectivity, support and firmware updates -- with the tradeoff that it also provides carriers a branded spot on your computer that "can be remotely updated to support marketing campaigns." We're not terribly worried about Verizon and kin selling us new phones, to be sure, but we're always a wee bit cautious of providing another back door into our road warrior lives.