Isabella's Vizit touchscreen, cell-connected photo frame goes hands-on

Buying and pre-setting up a $280 touchscreen photoframe for your mom (Isabella calls the target market "parents of parents") sounds like a tall order, and you add in the $6 a month service fee on top of that and you're really buying in here with the Vizit photoframe. So, how does it perform? In a word: sluggish. Shuffling through pictures or the mystery-meat carousel is an exercise in patience, thanks to some slow Flash Lite UI performance, but at least the menus are simple and friendly, and the touchscreen is responsive enough that if you're prepared for the pace, it's not that frustrating of an experience. The actual service aspects are much more impressive, pushing and pulling photos all over the place, with an integrated web app for managing a white list of contacts. The advantage of the AT&T service plan is that your mom won't have to do any work setting this up -- when you buy the device it's tied to an online account that you can set up for her before she even gets it -- and that the device can also receive OTA firmware updates, so expect further functionality (like video playback, for instance) going forward. There's a video after the break with the CEO of Isabella, showing us what's what. %Gallery-89033%