Mitsubish i MiEV gets a job as an oil-scented taxi in Tokyo

Good to see the i MiEV is adding to its résumé -- which already includes the job of ferrying Geek Squaddies about the place -- with a new position as a specialist taxi service in select districts of Tokyo. Launched yesterday, this new Zero Taxi initiative aims to attract customers with its zero emissions (from the car, the electricity used might still be produced in a polluting way) appeal, aromatic oil-scented cabin, and primarily female drivers who'll be trained to provide local area and tourist info. We're just reporting here, don't blame us for the Hinomaru Limousine Company's belief that a man can't be as good a tour guide as a woman. It's a humble beginning since the company's only deploying two i MiEVs for now, but local competitor Nihon Kotsu is also preparing to join the fray, and is currently testing out a Better Place battery-swapping station that should keep its cars where they need to be -- on the road.