Some Geek Squads to start driving plug-in Mitsubishi i-MiEVs

With the amount of use Chuck gets out of his "Nerd Herd" mobile, plus our own anecdotal sightings of Geek Squad vehicles around town (see what we did there? Science), we'd say that they're ripe for EV replacements, and what better than the hard-to-pronounce i-MiEV from Mitsubishi to do the job? As announced at the LA Auto Show on Thursday, a few Best Buy Geek Squad locations in California are getting access to the cars in January, with minimal fleets that will expand to the other stores over a few years. For now it's going to be an experiment, and primarily urban, but we like where this is headed. As in, "not to our house, because we're perfectly adept at setting up a wireless network, thanks."