SweetSpotter keeps your music coming at the right angle, regardless of flailing

For years now, home theater and / or entertainment rigs have been built so that your sofa, recliner or aged bar stool was right in the sweet spot when it came to audio distribution. In short, you built your system around your seating arrangement. With the introduction of Nintendo's Wii, Sony's PlayStation Move and Microsoft's Project Natal, folks aren't staying put in the same place as often, and that -- friends -- has created a problem in search of a solution. The fine gurus over at TU Dresden believe that they have the answer, and even if it fails miserably (highly doubtful, mind you), who could really harsh on a product called the SweetSpotter? The software is designed to work in conjunction with your webcam (or console camera, in theory), and as the sensor tracks your movement in real time, the code "adaptively adjusts the sweet spot of your stereo play back system to your current listening position." In short, it results in "correct stereo phantom source localization independent of your listening position," and frankly, it just might change your life. The code itself can be downloaded for free down in the source link (it's open source, so pass it along while you're at it), and if you end up creating a plug-in to use this in your favorite gaming scenario, be sure to drop us a line about it.