Karos Online launching on April 9th

Patrick Mackey
P. Mackey|03.27.10

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Karos Online launching on April 9th

Publisher NHN Corporation is poised to release the new free-to-play MMORPG Karos Online in Europe and the US on April 9th, following an extensive beta testing period. The game will launch with two public server shards and a brand new cash shop to give players a freely customizable experience. The Karos servers will be brought down on April 5th to prepare for the launch, along with a planned website outage. The website will be brought back up prior to the launch to run daily contests in order to win in-game prizes on launch day.

Karos Online is the product of developer Galaxy Gate, makers of other free-to-play games such as Last Chaos and Laghaim (known as Savage Eden in the West). Karos offers players a free-to-play experience including an economic system involving indepth crafting skills and a consignment market for player trading. Galaxy Gate promises a wide variety of classes and skills and a dynamic dungeon system with shifting passages. It also touts an elaborate PvP system, with guild-based objective-oriented gameplay including castle sieges and control point captures.

Karos Online also features impressive visual effects, particularly given its relatively low system requirements. Gameplay videos have been released, showcasing the visuals as well as various gameplay aspects.

You can download the client now and try out the game while it's still in open beta. Check it out -- and make sure to visit their website daily for free contests and prizes on the countdown to launch!
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