PAX East: Tour Microsoft's N.E.R.D. Cambridge office with us

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PAX East: Tour Microsoft's N.E.R.D. Cambridge office with us
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Just because you don't live in the Northeast (or couldn't afford to hop on a bus/train/plane/cattle cart to PAX East 2010) doesn't mean that you can't tour Microsoft's New England Research & Development Center with us. Sure, you might not be here in the physical sense, but our hi-res gallery below should assist you in achieving a semblance of the zeitgeist in Cambridge yesterday morning.

Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Stephen "Stepto" Toulouse, Laura "Lollipop" Massey, and Eric "E" Neustadter ate breakfast with us (and two or three hundred of their closest friends), handed out some prizes, and even gave everyone a chance to check out a Surface. If you're so inclined, flip through the gallery below and tour N.E.R.D. with us, won't you?
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