New EVE Online novel "The Burning Life" released

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New EVE Online novel "The Burning Life" released
Storyline is an important part of any MMO and EVE Online is no exception. New Eden is steeped in story-telling, from the regularly released fictional chronicles to the countless blogs, battle reports and dramatic events recorded by players. EVE is a game that lends itself very well to creating immersive stories, videos and other creative efforts. Back in June of 2008, CCP commissioned author Tony Gonzales to write a novel set in the EVE universe. The novel, titled "Empyrean Age," came at the same time as the expansion of the same name and gave some background story for faction warfare. June 2009 brought the announcement that CCP's own fiction-writer Hjalti Daníelsson had begun work on a second EVE novel entitled "EVE: The Burning Life." Hjalti is better known as CCP Abraxis, the pen behind most of the EVE chronicles and the current driving force behind the game's storyline.

This week, CCP Abraxis announced the completion of EVE: The Burning Life, which is now on sale in the UK and is scheduled to release in the US at the end of the month. The novel gives insight into the factions and empires of New Eden, with a particular focus on the pirate factions and how the capsuleer elite have come to dominate the galaxy. In his announcement, Abraxis gives some details on what we can expect to read in the book:

"... in one way it's the story of two people who go through a boatload of hurt, but it's also a story about the empires, and the pirate factions, and how all of us reading this have come to dominate their world. It's almost a travelogue: We get to see Gallentean bodymod conferences, Amarrian convents, Caldari Mind Clash games, and a strange Minmatar exodus. There are the Angels, all marching in step; and Guristas, living their crazy lives. There are the Sansha, in their quiet metal hell. And the Sisters of EVE, trying to save a few souls along the way. ... It's a novel about revenge and redemption, about putting away old things - or settling scores, depending on who you ask"
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