"I" alliance becomes first to fully win a Global Agenda zone

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"I" alliance becomes first to fully win a Global Agenda zone
Global Agenda is enjoying a first on their servers. More specifically, some of their players are enjoying it. (We assume that the conquered agencies and alliances were less pleased.) Last Thursday, the "I" alliance became the first alliance to completely win a Conquest Zone in Global Agenda, and Dome City became party central.

It didn't happen overnight, however. Well, it sort of did there at the end, but getting to that final point was a long road for the alliance. The conquering alliance began as a small mercenary-for-hire group and went from there: "After a lot of positioning, hardwork, and great team play we made good on our goal to become the world first winners in Global Agenda. Not so long ago it was just our agency fighting to secure our own base and holding off the CTC alliance onslaught to get our shields up."

If you're interested in reading the full story of how it came to be, the alliance has posted the tale on their official site.
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