Verizon's Nexus One could be arriving 'by the end of next week' (updated)

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|03.29.10

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Verizon's Nexus One could be arriving 'by the end of next week' (updated)
Let's start with the obvious proviso here, the above image is so painfully easy to fake that even our computer illiterate grandparents could mock one up within a few minutes. That said, it's purportedly a screenshot of a little oopsie by Google's online store, which is said to have briefly displayed the Verizon option for Nexus One handsets as available to buy for $199 plus the relevant contractual shackles. We wouldn't normally credit such unverifiable information, but then we're also hearing from Soft Sailor that a highly trusted "inside" source of theirs is reporting that Verizon-carried, Sense-less Nexus Ones will be out and about "by the end of next week." Given that the earlier mooted date of March 23 has now come and gone, we're apprehensive about investing too much of ourselves in these rumors, but those supposed CDMA Nexus One shipments from HTC have to come out and play at some point, right?

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Update: jkOnTheRun has more insider info to share with us on this topic. James Kendrick's people "in positions to know" tell him that the Verizon Nexus One will definitely show up in April, which meshes with the Spring timeframe we've already been given, but there's also word about a "surprise" that other US carriers lack. Whether that refers to Sense-related enhancements or some other software optimizations, we'll have to wait and see.

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