Celsius X VI II LEDIX, the $300k tourbillon dumbphone, gets handled

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|03.30.10

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Celsius X VI II LEDIX, the $300k tourbillon dumbphone, gets handled
Celsius X VI II LEDIX, the $300k dumbphone, gets handled
Yes, folks, what you are looking at is perhaps the world's most overly complex cellphone, and it has been given an overly complex name to match: the Celsius X VI II LEDIX. All those Roman numerals don't convey the sense of power you'll feel in holding this to the side of your face while yelling at your assistant in a futile attempt at gaining the respect of your peers. Despite the phone quite naturally having a battery inside, the (soon to be broken) watch mechanism is purely mechanical, given another three hours of life each time you open and close this clamshell. Inside you can gaze at a design straight out of 1998 and functionality not much more advanced -- a simple browser, text messaging, and tri-band GSM. 3G isn't even on offer here folks, but when you're this rich you can pay other people to download high-res lolcat pictures for you.
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