First Look: Sudoku Real Edition

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According to its developers David Jones and Amy Burton, Sudoku Real Edition offers a game play experience that aims to be "as real as possible, almost as if you bought a Sudoku book and sat down at a table to play." As this sneak peek video shows, that goal is not too far off the mark.

Priced at $2.99, this new iPad app was built using real world graphics that were digitized for game play. If you're into Sudoku, you'll probably be impressed by this application's beautifully designed interfaces. It's nice to see how thoroughly the developers created a custom iPad experience.

One discordant note is that they used standard Apple switches (ON-OFF buttons) in their Settings dialog instead of creating a custom choice control that better matched their other UI elements. Also, it's not clear whether you'll be able to use full screen play in addition to the tabletop presentation in the video; it seems like a natural transition for landscape to change into a full screen portrait view. That having been said, it looks lovely. I particularly liked their sliding bookmark element, that keeps track of an on-going game.

All in all, it looks like a beautiful game and a worthy member of the new iPad App Store community.
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