Auctioned Atari game may be rarer than Stadium Events

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Auctioned Atari game may be rarer than Stadium Events
With all the attention over boxed copies of the NES game Stadium Events, this eBay auction for a boxed copy of the Atari 2600 game Air Raid seems even more noteworthy than it might otherwise ... not that it needs any help. Already considered one of the hardest-to-find 2600 games, a boxed copy of the game has never been found. Until now.

AtariAge forum member Tanner claims to be the original owner of this copy of Air Raid, even offering specifics of the location and date of its purchase. For the last couple of decades, it's been quietly hanging out in his garage, being awesome. After reading an article on CNN, he realized what he had and put the cartridge on eBay; later, when he found the box, he cancelled the original auction and relisted it. It's currently going for $6,500.

Even if you don't plan to bid on Air Raid, you should really look through the auction images. The box, with the rainbow logo of its publisher "Men-A-Vision" and its thrilling back-of-the-box text, is entirely worth seeing. "Can you save Manhattan from your loan command post?"

[Via GameSetWatch]
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