How would you change Alienware's M11x?

Call it the little laptop that could, or just call it Alienware's most adorable machine ever. Whatever you call it, Alienware's M11x made all sorts of waves when it splashed down into an essentially empty market segment earlier this year, offering hardcore gamers the opportunity to take their first-person shooters onto cramped buses and coach airline seats with more comfort than ever before. Of course, all that power comes at a price, and while we already expressed our own feelings on the thing, we're interested in knowing how you feel about seeing triple-digit FPS numbers on an 11-inch display. Is the experience better or worse than you anticipated? Have you ditched your desktop replacement for good? Are you wondering why on Earth you chose this over a netbook? Let us know how you'd overhaul the M11x if you had the chance down in comments below. And make it good.