Report: Sega Studios San Francisco shutting down

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Report: Sega Studios San Francisco shutting down
According to a report by Sega Nerds, which 1UP later claimed to confirm via an anonymous insider at the company, Sega Studios San Francisco, creators of Iron Man, Golden Axe: Beast Rider and the Xbox port of Karaoke Revolution (which was developed under the studio's original moniker, Secret Level), will be shutting down, possibly as soon as this evening. According to 1UP, a memo about the closure began to circulate through the company yesterday -- meaning it could just be the most tasteless April Fools' Day joke in the history of mankind.

Both 1UP and Sega Nerds report that Sega Studios San Fran's current project, Iron Man 2, has been completed, so a studio shutdown wouldn't derail the title's May 4 release date. It might, however, derail the studios' employees' enjoyment of this Easter weekend. If the report turns out to be accurate, we wish everyone at Sega Studios San Francisco the best of luck in finding new means of employment.
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