Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition coming to PC in 2010

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Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition coming to PC in 2010
Blood Bowl, you'll remember, is the wacky little mash-up between fantasy and American football that's based on the Games Workshop turn-based board game, taking place in the Warhammer setting. It's been tearing up the field since last year, but at the end of 2010, Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive are upping the ante with the newly announced Legendary Edition for the PC.

The Legendary Edition will add 12 new races to the current eight, so Undead, Amazons, Ogres and others will all get to toss the boarskin around in new stadiums and tournaments. The game will also include a story mode in which players will assume the role of a freelance coach tasked with rising up through the ranks. Sounds like fun.
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