Deadlands 2 HD DVD rises from the grave for a limited run

And here we were thinking that the Deadlands 2 labor of love has passed peacefully on to the next world. Appropriately enough for a zombie flick (or whatever it is, we haven't actually bothered to watch the trailer that closely -- though if you're interested, there is a free download of the entire flick on the director's website) even cancellation could not stop a limited edition HD DVD-R run from reaching the faithful who preordered. After all the shipping issues and a lackluster DVD effort the film will apparently no longer be distributed by Anthem Pictures, though it could see a "proper release" by another company. Still, we never expected a new HD DVD to ship in 2010, leaving us to wonder if the inevitable Deadlands 3 will keep the streak going next year.

[Thanks, Popeye9000]