Adobe releases Adobe Ideas for iPad

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Just because Adobe can't have Flash on the iPad doesn't mean that they want to miss out on the Apple tablet bandwagon. Adobe has released a pretty cool app called Adobe Ideas. Adobe Ideas is a sketchbook for the iPad. The app features vector-based drawing tools, zoom control, sizable brushes, layers, and the ability to email PDF documents for editing in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

While Adobe Ideas isn't as feature-rich as Brushes for iPad, it is a free app that starving artists will appreciate (though, if you've bought an iPad, I don't think you technically count as a "starving" artist). Brushes for iPhone was used by Jorge Colombo to paint a cover of The New Yorker.

It's going to be cool to see how artists start embracing the iPad and its larger screen with apps like these. Picasso may have had his Moleskine (may have), but the next great artists might just be sketching their budding visions on the iPad.
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