Rumor: Apple buys Intrinsity

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|04.05.10

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Rumor: Apple buys Intrinsity
We've heard a few times now that Apple was ready to pick up some smaller, innovative hardware companies, and the rumor mill now says that chipmaker Intrinsity was purchased by Apple late last week. Rumors first hit on April 1st about the company being sold to a bigger buyer, and on Friday at least one employee was saying the buyer was in fact Apple. There's still no official word of a sale, as far as we can tell, but maybe Apple is waiting for a certain press conference to reveal that a new company will be providing chips for future, oh I don't know, iPhones.

Intrinsity certainly fits the bill for the kind of company that Apple would want to buy with all its cash -- it's behind some of the fastest mobile processors out there, and that's certainly what Apple is looking for. It's also unencumbered by other ownership (which means Apple can pick it up outright), and it's got that nice mix of innovation and quality that Apple usually looks for.

In short, even before the event on Thursday, we can probably expect to see Intrinsity behind some of Apple's processors in the future -- if they haven't made a few already.

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