Toshiba preps for sub-25nm flash memory production, archivists rejoice

Ever wondered how that 16GB microSDHC card that you were swooning over now looks paltry beside a 32GB version of the same thing? It's all about the densities within, and with process technologies shrinking by the month, it's not hard to envision 128GB, 256GB and 1TB cards that are smaller than your thumbnail here in just a few years. It's bruited that Toshiba is fixing to drop a whopping $160 million during 2010 in order to construct a test production line for next generation flash memory chips, presumably with circuitry widths of under 25nm. As of now, Tosh produces NAND flash memory chips with widths of 32nm and 43nm, but cutting that down to 20nm or so would enable loads more memory to be shoved into the same form factors that we use today. If all goes to plan, those sub-25nm chips could hit the line as early as 2012, so we fully expect 10TB SDXC cards to go up for pre-order next month.