Apple releases new iPhone Ad: "Concert"

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Following last week's "Commute" iPhone ad, Apple has released a new iPhone ad called "Concert." Sticking with the "everyday use" theme, the ad tells the story of a girl who hears a song on the radio. She uses Shazam [free] on her iPhone to identify the song as "In the Sun" by She & Him. At this point, the girl -- who, keep in mind, has only heard one song -- downloads the entire album, plays a single song, and decides to buy concert tickets when the Local Concerts app [free] pops up to tell her that the band is playing in her town. Talk about impulse buying! The commercial ends with her saying, "I still don't know how my iPhone does all that."

Lady, if you buy everything that impulsively, I still don't know how you have any money left in your bank account.
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