Apple releases new iPhone Ad: "Shopper"

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Following yesterday's "Concert" iPhone ad, Apple has released another ad called "Shopper." In "Concert," the ad featured a girl who was something of an impulse-buyer. The man in "Shopper" still likes to buy, but he's just got a little more self-control.

The ad begins with a man using Safari to search ProductWiki for an espresso maker as a gift for his wife. After doing "a little research," the man sends a text message to his wife's sister asking which color espresso maker his wife would like. After a terse Steve Jobs-esque answer of "Red," the man uses RedLaser ($1.99 in the App Store) to check to see if the espresso machine is cheaper anywhere else. The ad ends with the man exclaiming he's "a much smarter and faster shopper with his iPhone."

What have we learned? That shopping on the iPhone doesn't have to be all about the impulse buy.
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