Still more Japanese leaks for Final Fantasy XIV

There are male mito'qe and female roegadyn in Final Fantasy XIV. There's no word currently on whether or not they'll be playable, but the latest information put out via Famitsu indicates that they are there, at least.

For some players, simply knowing that the somewhat awkwardly monogendered races from Final Fantasy XI will be reaching the wild shores of sexual dimorphism will make the latest bits of news palatable. Others would rather hear about the actual mechanics of playing the game -- and luckily for everyone, that's included with the information as well. It's confirmed that zone transitions are seamless, as is the background music (most likely with careful crossfades). There are stat differences between the much-discussed clans, but they're not a huge deal -- a far bigger difference is every class getting early access to teleportation and warp spells to make transportation less problematic.

We even get a bit of meta-information telling us that testing on the Playstation 3 should be coming in another couple phases. While there's nothing world-shattering, the picture being paiinted is increasingly alluring, and it's hard to argue Final Fantasy XIV isn't learning a lot from its predecessor. The full list of leaked facts can be found here.