Turn your iPad into a MIDI controller in 3,700 easy steps

It was only a matter of time before someone took a look at that 9.7-inch display and decided they wanted to do some serious dancefloor damage with it. Not to be outdone by the likes of Looptastic HD or iElectribe, our man Ryan Noise (dot com) has just posted a video detailing his experiments with the iPad as MIDI controller and, as long as you don't have your heart set on your instrument providing some sort of tactile response, it looks like things are working out pretty well. Using a combination of the TouchOSC open sound control app, Osculator, a Python script, and Ableton Live 8, we've seen this basic setup before: the iPad (or iPhone, or iPod touch) sends open sound commands to the Mac, which translates them into MIDI commands for your instrument / DAW of choice. But why read when you can watch? Peep the video after the break for the gist, and hit that source link for technical details.