15-inch MacBook Pros MIA on, long-awaited refresh really, truly coming April 13th?

iPhone, iPhone, iPhone... wait, what's that? You're still pining for those refreshed, possibly Core i5- / i7-equipped MacBook Pros that have been long rumored? If a source close to Australian MacWorld has any merit, we'll finally be seeing updates to the laptop line -- Pro and Air, allegedly -- this Tuesday, April 13th. No word on what the new models would feature if true, but without an event all its own, the best we can expect is probably a spec boost. Best Buy seems to be adding some fuel to the fire, first by showing a proverbial mark of death in its database last month, and now by making the 15-inch model unavailable on Undoubtedly the retailer's waiting for a new shipment of potent portables, but the question remains, what will they run under the hood?

[Thanks, Ryan]

Update: UK retailer John Lewis is also showing its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air options as out of stock, though it suffers no such shortages with MacBooks. Draw your own conclusions [Thanks, Ben].