Adobe distances itself from JooJoo, cites lack of 'direct relationship'

Well, this is just a huge surprise. In response to our not entirely glowing review of the JooJoo, Adobe's PR team has gotten in touch to inform us that Fusion Garage "has no direct relationship with Adobe." Citing the young startup's non-participation in the Open Screen Project and use of "a public beta release [of Flash] designed only for desktop use," Adobe is drawing a thick line between itself and the JooJoo, and urges us to instead look at the alternatives from its partners like HP, Dell and Lenovo. Mind you, not one of those companies is (as yet) selling a competing tablet, and it's not like there's some magical formula that will make 720p Flash video run smoothly on a bare Atom CPU (remember, Ion GPU acceleration is not yet available for the Linux-based JooJoo), but who are we to stand in the way of a carefully worded damage limitation statement? Click past the break for the entire thing.

JooJoo has no direct relationship with Adobe and has not worked with us as other manufacturers have to ensure a great Flash experience. By attempting to use a public beta release designed only for desktop use, we're not surprised by the lackluster performance and disappointing browsing experience.

Silicon and device platforms from companies who have worked with Adobe as part of the Open Screen Project are setting the bar for a great Flash experience on this exciting device category and we encourage you to check out devices from Dell, HP, Lenovo and other partners.