Breaking: Twitter acquires Tweetie, will make it official and free

Twitter founder Evan Williams has posted on the official blog that the company will be buying Tweetie, an iPhone app currently available in the App Store, from creator Loren Brichter. The app will be renamed Twitter for iPhone and released in the App Store for free. Williams says that Twitter users have looked for an official app in the store and haven't found one, so he says that they hope to solve that problem by providing an official App Store location for Twitter.

Brichter will be joining the Twitter team, and he'll be working with them to eventually provide a Twitter for iPad app as well. More information on the deal (as well as that price change) is coming soon, though Williams didn't say when the iPad app might be released.

So, wow. A little shakeup in one of the biggest app genres on the iPhone. There's no word yet on what will happen to the Mac version of Tweetie, or any other plans Brichter might have for the App Store. Here's a statement from him. Stay tuned for more insight and analysis soon.