Fabled Lands co-creators discuss their canceled Eidos MMO

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Fabled Lands co-creators discuss their canceled Eidos MMO
Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson, prolific co-writers of a number of RPG gamebooks, recently spoke to Bit-Tech about one of their most ambitious and, ultimately, unsuccessful projects: An MMORPG commissioned by Eidos in the late 90s. Despite being bankrolled by the ocean of Tomb Raider money the publisher was floating in at the time, the MMO, which was to be based on the pair's Fabled Lands series, never got off the ground.

The game's downfall was the result of the team's overambitious goals and the studio's directionless development process. The project began to lose money, and as Eidos' success began to falter, the MMO was canned. The duo haven't given up on the Fabled Lands franchise, however -- virtual versions of the gamebooks will hit the iPhone sometime this summer. For an interesting read on how wacky game developers were in the late 90s, check out Bit-Tech's feature on Eidos' doomed foray into online gaming.

[Via Eurogamer]
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