Inventory screenshot from Microcenter shows imminent MacBook Pro updates

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Chris Rawson
April 11th, 2010
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Inventory screenshot from Microcenter shows imminent MacBook Pro updates
We've received an anonymous tip from a Microcenter employee in the form of a screenshot of Microcenter's inventory system. The screenshot appears to show that a MacBook Pro update is imminent. Microcenter's inventory system shows four different SKUs for upcoming Macs, as outlined below:

Apple System Good-USA MC371LL/A $1799.99
Mac system #1 Best-USA MC373LL/A $2199.99
Mac system #2 Best-USA MC024LL/A $2299.99
Mac system Better- USA MC372LL/A $1999.99

These prices seem to indicate updated 15" and 17" MacBook Pros, presumably updated with the latest i5 and i7 Intel processors. MacRumors says they have received independent confirmation of this info from Microcenter. This latest indication of a MacBook Pro update comes less than a week after an earlier leak from a Taiwanese newspaper which claimed MacBook Pro updates are coming later this month. There doesn't appear to be any information on the 13" MacBook; it's unclear whether that means updates for that product are coming later on or product information has yet to hit Microcenter's inventory system.

The current line of MacBook Pros hasn't seen significant updates since June of 2009, so many potential buyers have been eagerly awaiting an update to the line for several months. Given this latest information from Microcenter, it looks as though the long wait may be over very soon.
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