Kogan's latest fantasy product? An IPTV with Chrome browser, WiFi & gaming

The always optimistic Kogan isn't just aiming at tablets, it's posted a video showing off a new IPTV that could do what the big boys won't when (if) it ships later this year. These Chinese built HDTVs feature WiFi and video on-demand widgets similar to what everyone else is doing, but things start to get interesting in this YouTube video (embedded after the break) around the 1:05 mark when he pulls up a Chrome browser window and navigates the internet easily using the remote, as well as testing out some gesture controlled games and a Bluetooth keyboard. More than a few no-name builders had displays with similar capabilities up and running at CES so it's easy to see someone shipping one or two of these but with Kogan's track record (what happened to those OLED TVs?) it's difficult to disguise our doubt it will be among them. True believers are invited to post suggestions for other features on the company blog -- we're thinking a dedicated Engadget Show channel is just what the doctor ordered.