Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer promises James Cameron's cameras for the distinguishing 3D viewer

It doesn't appear that the slapdash 2D to 3D conversion seen on Clash of the Titans (or being a rather lackluster remake in general) has dimmed its box office prospects that much, but we're probably not the only ones who will be looking carefully to see what technique was used to create the next 3D movie due in cinemas. Such is the world that Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D enters, and instead of focusing on the strong story and character development featured in previous films, its trailer (embedded after the break) goes out of its way to namedrop Avatar and mention this flick was filmed using the camera techniques pioneered on our friend Jimmy C's blockbuster smash. All you have to do is say zombies and we're halfway there but even without the blue aliens, are you going to be quicker to shell out for a natively-filmed-in-3D flick in the theaters?

[Via Joystiq]